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Schenley 7-in-1 Steam Mop and Handheld Cleaner.

Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine with Schenley Steam Mop - The Ultimate Solution for Spotless Hardwood, Laminate, Tiles and Grout!

- Multi-purpose Accessories: The Schenley Steam Mop Cleaner comes with 7-in-1 multi-purpose accessories that allow you to clean a variety of surfaces and areas. These accessories include a window squeegee, a garment steamer, a jet nozzle, and more, making it a versatile cleaning tool.
- Washable Microfiber Pads: The Schenley Steam Mop Cleaner comes with washable microfiber pads that are easy to clean and reuse. This not only saves you

The Schenley Steam Mop Cleaner is an all-in-one solution for cleaning your hardwood or laminate floors, tiles, and grout. With its detachable handheld steamer, you can easily clean hard-to-reach areas and surfaces. The 7-in-1 multi-purpose accessories make it easy to tackle a variety of cleaning tasks with just one machine. The washable microfiber pads are reusable and environmentally friendly, making this steam mop a great investment for both your home and the planet. The powerful steam cleaning technology ensures that your floors are not only clean but also sanitized, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. With the Schenley Steam Mop Cleaner, you can achieve a deeper clean without the use of harsh chemicals, making it safe for your family and pets.